Hi all from Spain, and silly concerns I guess

Hi, my name is Sergio, I live in Madrid, Spain. I had this game for years and haven’t played since…2008? Well, I used to play with my girlfriend (now my wife) and now that we’ve got two kids, I’m interested in re-learning the game and begin to play with some regularity.

My kids are still very young so I guess I’ll play solo or with my wife. The problem is we have no time to play (in a couple of years perhaps, when my kids reach 8 or 9).

I found out that I want to play also Overlord and Breakthrough scenarios. I know there’s a good investment there, I already acquired a couple of expansions. What most concerns me is the visual aspect of the game, as I see that the latest reprintings (base game or Pacific) have different colors/qualities as the old ones and when I mix them… well let’s say is a little annoying. Has this happened to you? Also, is there anybody willing to exchange new pacific theater with the old one? Does this happens also with the Eastern front? (Problems of the first world I know…).

Also, is there a Memoir 44 group in Madrid? Don’t know if I could have the time to go but… it would be good to know.

Thank you all for reading,

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To play world wide, get Vassal, over 1000 scenarios and the Steam app is also very good

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Hello Sergio
Sounds like you need some quick and easy scenarios to play when the kids have gone to bed. (So Overlord is probably for another time in the future!)
After action review is a good place to look for some ides, although not that many have been posted recently.
I have just added Set-up and Game time to my latest report. Unfortunately, I cannot go back further in time and do it for the rest, so here is a summary of the short ones I have played (Set up: quick, Game time: quick):
1939 Destruction of the Polish army
1940 Stonne
1941 Galatos, Crete
1941 Airdrop over Heraklion, Crete
1942 Gap at Antelat
1942 Bir Hakeim 6
1945 The hell of Grussenheim
1945 Hitdorf: para v para
Hope that is of some use getting you back into the game.


Wow! This is the answer I was looking for although I didn’t even know how to ask it! Thank you so much.

So, that’s the point: short to prepare and quick to play scenarios!

Overlord and Breakthrough…:disappointed_relieved:, by now, it’s not time for those yet, but eventually will be its time.

Your reference of children going to bed (:sweat_smile:) perfectly reflects when I have some very little spare time.

I’ll try those scenarios, thank you again!

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You are very welcome.
I have a four-year-old, so I hear what you are saying!
My MM44 time is with a friend who I meet every 2 or 3 weeks.
My wife and I understand the need for our own time and space, so she looks after our daughter while I spend a day wargaming. In return she gets to see her friends and I play with the little one. Works for us!


Yeah, I know the relevance of having some free time for us.

I have two sons of 3 and 4 years old, and my wife and I have a “Free 2 hours” each every week. My 2 hours are spent playing Padel (similar to Tennis), and that’s all, along with the nights, but I’m so tired at night that I cannot find the energy to play then…

Anyway, I have said to myself that in the next weeks I’m gonna find the time and the right mood to play one of those fast and furious scenarios that so kindly you have showed me!

The destruction of the polish army sounds good to begin with, may the history be changed?

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Yeah, I also had the problem with the pacific expansion. But the eastern front expansion (which i bought around the same time) looked very good, I would even say they look better than the minifigs in my base game.


While I recently bought another copy of the base game, I compared the figs of the US and the German army with those of my old copy (this old copy could be of 2006 or 2007) and they certainly differ. The colours and plastic are not the same. Luckily, my brother had another old base game and he accepted to exchange his old armies with my new ones, so now all the figs of my both armies are the old ones.

The colours are different; the old were more flexible, while the new ones are more sturdy, and; the old were made of two pieces that clipped together by the shoes of the soldier with the base while the new are made in one piece.

I find both of good quality, but when I mixed them, it was (at least for me) too noticeable.

In the Pacific expansion (I also have an old and a new one), I have to say that they match much better, the colour and quality remain the same, but there are very little differences in the sculpts that don’t bother me (you have to look very carefully to notice them).

With the eastern front I don’t know if this also may happen, as I managed to buy a second hand old copy that matched 100% with my old one.