1941 Galatos, Crete

Historical Background:
By May 24th the Germans had formed a cohesive front; they began advancing east toward Chania. On the 25th, they ran into the bulk of the Allied forces and launched a general attack. Surprised to discover the Germans had artillery, the Allied formations began to crumble and quickly pulled back. Galatos, now the centre of attention, fell after a fierce fight. Reacting as quickly as they could the Allies mounted a counterattack with their remaining forces in the area, including a few light tanks. They succeeded in evicting the Germans, but that same night, they were ordered to fall back when news came that the Fallschirmj├Ągers had captured Daratsos.

Axis 6 Command cards; move first. Allied 5 Command cards.

Conditions of Victory:
7 Medals.
The two town hexes of Galatos form a Turn Start Temporary Majority Medal Objective worth 2 Medals for whoever controls Galatos. If the majority is lost for any reason (movement, retreat or elimination), the medal is immediately put back in play.
The towns of Daratsos and Stalos are Start Turn Temporary Medal Objectives worth 1 medal each for the Axis forces. If a unit vacates the town hex for any reason (movement, retreat or elimination), the medal is immediately lost.

Special Rules:
British Commonwealth Forces Command rules (Nations 5 - British Commonwealth Forces).
British Armour unit has 3 figures but it only moves 2 hexes.
Allied units cannot ignore any flags by Axis Artillery.
Place a badge on the three Axis Para Special Forces units (Troops 2 - Specialized Units).
When an Air Power card is played, the Axis player rolls 2 dice, the Allied player only 1 die.

Scenario link

My first Crete scenario, and it proved to be a really good one.
Quick and easy to set up - very little terrain.
Conditions and rules very simple.
It was also great to use my excellent Italeri Fallschirmj├Ąger and Esci British infantry pieces!

Here is the set up:

My opponent (Axis) was his usual cautious self. Together with good cards and dice on my part, this allowed me to advance and win by what looks like comfortable score (7-3); but, if you look at the second photo, you will see that many of my units only had a single figure remaining.
But it was still an enjoyable game, and I recommend this scenario for an hour or so of play.

The end:

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