Army quiz time!

I’ve been collecting and painting various 1/72 soldiers for my MM44 scenarios.
I was just going to simply tell you what I have done, but then I thought ‘‘why not make it interactive and fun?’’ (that;s the techer in me!).
So here are some photos and I want you to tell me what nationality/army they are.
I will leave it a week or so before posting the answers. Have fun!
To start with, some Allies (and a difficult one first!):


1st Image - French?
2nd Image - Soviet Union?
3rd Image - Aussie?
4th Image - British
5th Image - British Paratroopers? Edit: No, not british, maybe polish?
6th Image - British 8th Army
7th Image - No clue, look like some kind of Commandos (grappling hook :smile:)

Next time don’t name the Images Allies 1, 2 etc, that makes it a little bit easier

I like this game :grin:


Glad you like it!
Good point about the image names.

Not bad.
5 out of 7


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Ha, cool idea! :slight_smile: I will not embarrass myself and try to guess all of them :wink: I love the australian troops. what is the third figure doing :smiley:


He is supposed to be running firing his weapon, but the pose is a bit exaggerated isn’t it?!
He is also a bit of an odd-one-out; most of my Aussies are Airfix, but he is one of the odd few Revell figures that I somehow picked up:
I also varied the colours and mixture of uniform - apparently (like many armies) they had a range of outfits as the war progressed.
Glad you like it :grinning:

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Before going through the answers, I have just finished another set. It is nice and easy, given the big knife some of them are carrying!

Yes, Airfix Ghurkas (a recently acquired set from the 70s).

So, the first photo show Polish infantry. An excellent set from HaT, which you will see painted differently for another army later!
Number 2 is Russian infantry from Airfix, painted in various colours to reflex the reality of their uniforms in WW2.
Three is indeed the Aussies - a mixture of Airfix and Revell, again a mix of uniform colours.
The Brits come next:
The infantry are a mix of Airfix, Heller, and Esci.
Then the Paras, who are also a bit of a mix.
The Desert Rats are all Airfix.
And finally Commandos, again all Airfix.

I will posting some more soon!


Ready to test your knowledge again?!
First up is exactly the same model set as the Polish ones from abvre, but painted for a different country. Tough…
Then a mix of armies which shouldn’t be so difficult…


2- German Army
3- German Afrika Korps
4- US Airborne?

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Good effort by Winters!
3 out of 3.
The missing one is Slovak infantry :open_mouth:
Told you it was tough!
I actually used them this weekend for the scenario ‘‘Slovak invasion of Poland (September 1939)’’
I have got a few more units to finish off over the coming weeks. Watch this space!

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Here is another tricky one for you.
Just finished painting these - and they were a pleasure to paint because of the quality of plastic and the detail.

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I believe Italian alpini

Welsh or Norwegian I have no idea