1941 Devil's Peak Hong Kong Japanese v Indians/British

Historical Background:
On 11th December, General Maltby ordered the withdrawal from the mainland. The Punjabs and Rajputs fought a
rear-guard action for the evacuation. Most of the Brigade’s heavy equipment was saved and the evacuation was
successful. The stage was set for the defence of the Island of Hong Kong.
Axis 5 cards; move first. Allies 4 cards
Conditions of Victory:
5 medals. Allies get 1 medal for each unit evacuated (off the Pier or via landing craft); evacuate at least 2 units to win.
Special Rules:
Units that are on the Pier may exit the next turn.
A unit moving onto the landing craft is considered on it for rule purposes. Any turn thereafter, the landing craft can
be ordered to exit the board and deposit the unit safely. The landing craft can then be ordered back on to the board
anywhere along the beach; it must be adjacent to a beach hex in order for a unit to move onto it.
Destroyer is an old ship, place 2 Star markers on it to start, it may only take one more hit.
[Scenario link]https://www.brummbar44.com/scenarios/devils-peak/

One of many great scenarios from Brumbär '44.
My first Pacific scenario, and first use of a Warship.
I don’t yet have any Indian troops (they are on the wish list), so it was a chance to use my Ghurkas.
Here is the set up:

As the Allies, my first rection was - I have no chance! Then things went well and I thuoght it would be a clear win. Suddenly my opponent got really great dice and wiped out my right flank and I thought it was all over.
In the end my battleship won it (4-5) by destroying the tanks which had come in for the kill.

So a really great game which was on a knife edge right up to the finish.
Highly recommended!

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