Action Card Catalog

This topic contains all information about Memoir '44 Action Cards. Click on a link to navigate within the same page to the terrain type requested. I will update the post with more high resolution card scanes as I gain access to new expansions. Here they are:

  1. Reinforcements
  2. Blowing Up Bridges
  3. Air Strikes & Blitz
  4. Forward Spotting
  5. Collapsible Rafts & Boats
  6. Sabotage
  7. Freeing Prisoners
  8. Heroic Leader
  9. North African Desert Rules
  10. Oasis Recovery
  11. Radar Alert
  12. Capturing Equipment
  13. Supply Train/Reinforcements
  14. Destroy Supplies
  15. Blitz Rules
  16. Camouflage
  17. Capture HQ/supply Tent
  18. Hospital Recovery
  19. Night Attacks
  20. Paradrop
  21. Smoke Screen
  22. Armor Breakthrough
  23. Exit Markers
  24. Re-supply
  25. Combat Cards
  26. Winter Weather
  27. Reduced visibility
  28. Ground Reinforcements
  29. Town Control
  30. Beach Control
  31. Smoke Shells
  32. Bridge Control
  33. Entry Markers
  34. Air Superiority
  35. Off-Map Artillery Support
  36. Molotov Cocktails


Blowing up Bridges:

Air Strikes & Blitz:

Forward Spotting:

Collapsible Rafts and Boats:


Freeing Prisoners:

Heroic Leader:

North African Desert Rules:

Oasis Recovery:

Radar Alert:

Capturing Equipment:

Supply Train/Reinforcements:

Destroy Supplies:

Blitz Rules:


Capture HQ/Supply Tent:

Hospital Recovery:

Night Attacks: