Air Strikes & Blitz rule v Blitz rule

I have just played a scenario which states ‘‘Air Strikes & Blitz rules (Actions 3) for the Allies’’.
Well, that rule actually restricts the Allies! The Blitz part states that their armour can only move two. And that is exactly the same as the Blitz rule (Actions 15). In the scenario I played there is Allied armour, so it needs clarification.
The Air Strikes part of Actions 3 is also basically the same as what is stated on Actions 15.
Am I missing something here? Why two cards for the same thing, and how can Allies benefit from Blitz rules (for armour)?

Is there a particular reason why the use of Air Strikes & Blitz should be viewed as being overall beneficial to the alllies ? This does give them the ability to use Airstrikes which is not altered by the restrictions on the Armour units. This card has a little more nuance to it than the Blitz card by virtue of giving a bonus, and therefore a disadvantage, to both sides. The Blitz card is very much just in favour of the Axis player.

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I think what this Special Rule in the scenario meant to say is play Air Strikes for the Allies and just ignore the Blitz bit of the card (there is no reason at all why the Allied armour should be restricted in this scenario).

There really should be a separate Air Strikes card, with the scenario specifying which side benefits.

Blitz is intended purely as an advantage for Axis unit and has its own card - and has exactly the same meaning as what is written on this dual card. No other Actions card tries to describe two separate actions like this.

I have just looked at the scenario and would agree that only the Air Strikes portion is used. « Appliquer les règles “Raids aériens et Blitz” (Actions 3) au joueur des Alliés » . If it had, instead, said « Règles “Raids Aériens & Blitz” s’appliquent » then I would understand that as meaning both parts should be used.
I can see why the two rules are on the same card and I assume that there exists a separate card for Blitz since the intention is that for early war scenarios it is meant to be used on its own.

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