80th Anniversary game: August 1943

Thus far, I have found surprisingly few scenarios for 1943 compared to the rest of the war. I guess that when you think about it, 1940 has Blitzkrieg, 1941 has Barbarossa, 1942 sees a lot of action in North Africa, 1944 has D-Day, and 1945 has numerous scenarios in Germany - east and west.
‘‘What about the Pacific?’’ you may ask. Well, of the official scenarios on DoW, there is a total of 63 for the Pacific, but only 7 for 1943.
Given that it is a game of American origin, the Pacific Theatre/Theater seems under-represented in M44: Western Front, 230 scenarios for the whole war; Med: 76; Eastern: 100. Given the scope of that part of the war, why so few Pacific scenarios?
Maybe it was with that in mind that I have listed some of the few I have found for 80 years ago in the Pacific:
Withdrawal in the jungle - August 01, 1943
A straightforward looking infantry battle, but some tricky terrain.
I have just played this one. Another good jdrommel scenario, and quite quick to play - please see my After Action Review.

Munda airfield - August 01, 1943 - August 05, 1943
Tanks and infantry, with Caves on Hills and Air Strikes & Blitz rules.
An interesting scenario and relatively easy to play, but very one sided - see my After Action Review to find out why.

St. Bergdren Island - August 18, 1943
A beach landing with some special rules. Interesting, but my game was very one-sided.

Grizzly’s Sappers - August 18, 1943
A complex-looking Australian commando raid - they must take all three Medal Objectives to end the game.
Just finished this one - one of the best scenarios I have ever played!

Arnold’s Crest - August 27, 1943 - August 28, 1944
Another Aussie one, an infantry battle using the Capture HQ rule.
Just played this - quite a lot of terrain to set up, but worth it for the intense infantry battle.


Thanks Pragueimp, for another set of interesting reports. I’ll follow this up later, but I wonder if the availability of the Pacific set might be a factor in there not being so many Pacific scenarios. The second campaign book has also been very difficult to get hold of. I think we could also say that the Pacific campaign gets a lot less media coverage than especially the Normandy campaign. It is spread out and politically and geographically a little more complex and relatively unfamiliar. I have lived in Japan for almost twenty years and my knowledge is honestly very thin too.
I’ll have a think about your question about the jungle and forest tiles being different. I’m curious to know the rationale behind that too!


Don’t encourage such impish behavior. Yes you need many copies of the expansions so at least you can print and play stickers to make them look like jungle and palm forests. :melting_face:

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