1943 Arnold's Crest, New Guinea

Set up: quick, but a lot of terrain
Game time: medium
Solo play: suitable

Historical Background:
Arnold’s Crest was a triangular-shaped feature that offered good scouting and defensive positions. On the 27th of August 1943, an Australian company headquarters was established there with one platoon. The other two platoons were situated on the northern right and left hand spurs, about 400 yards from headquarters and from each other. At 5.30 a.m. on the 28th, the Japanese attacked strongly from east, south, and north. Using fixed bayonets, throwing grenades, and yelling they came on in greatest strength from the east. Here the Australians, fighting stubbornly, were forced back. Determined enemy attacks continued, and when it became obvious that his ammunition would not last another quarter of an hour the Australian commander reluctantly decided to withdraw.

Axis 5 cards, move first; Allies 5.

Conditions of Victory:
6 medals.
Arnold’s Crest (5 hills & HQ) and Fishers Knoll (5 hills) are Temporary Majority Control Medal Objectives for both players.

Special Rules:
Imperial Japanese Army Command rules [Nations 3].
Late war Mortar and Machine Gun rules [SWA’s 6 & 7].
Capture HQ rules [Actions 17].
Optional Rule - Apply my Battle of Nations Command Rules: Australian Army Stiff Upper Lip - Same as BCF [Nations 5]. ANZAC Spirit - When an Australian unit is unable to retreat, it may ignore 1 flag.

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Set up time 20 minutes, playing time 40 minutes. A lot of terrain - 22 jungle tiles and 28 hills - does the Pacific expansion plus Base Game give you that many? A lot of the terrain around the fringes never actually comes into play, so you could use less.
Japanese cards allowed them to have a concentrated attack through the centre, scoring lots of hits and taking one unit. They then switched to the Allied right flank, taking casualties but eventually overwhelming the Aussies.
The Allies hit back on their left, and it was 3-3. Behind Enemy Lines saw the Japanese get in behind Arnold’s Crest, but they were immediately eliminated; 3-4.
An Axis Move Out saw another attack strong in the centre, but the Aussie mortars hit back; 4-4.
The Allies finally got a good card - Air Power saw them push back two units and damage another.
The Aussie unit on the right base line moved onto Fishers Knoll to deprive the Axis of the medal there, but they were soon forced to retreat and it was back to 4-4.
The Allies played Their Finest Hour, but poor dice resulted in few hits.
The inevitable Japanese victory was overwhelming - Direct from HQ saw them finish off four depleted Aussie units for an 8-4 success.

An intense infantry battle, straight into action with no real time to pause. It took 40 minutes but felt like it was over in 15, such was the pace of the game.

Set up:

End of game: Only three Aussie units left (circled) but plenty of depleted Japanese units as well.

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Base set + Pacific = 22 Jungle & 30 Hills :grinning:

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Wow, so this scenario is pushing the limits.
I have seen some where they do say something like ‘‘There may be problems with this scenario because of the number of terrain tiles’’.
This one doesn’t say that, so I was hoping someone would have the answer - thanks.