Using New Flight Plan with a non-NFP scenario

Hello, I am new to Memoir 44 and after starting with a few of the core scenarios (solo), I now have the NFP expansion which of course allows you to replace the Air Power card and add the extra benefits of NFP. However, aside from this review of using NFP with beach landing scenarios, I was wondering if there is another resource which tells you which scenarios the NFP actually benefits the most and adds realism (or contrarily doesn’t work well with). I don’t want to add NFP to a scenario if air support or defense was not really a key in the battle. Otherwise, I will do a little more research on each scenario before I decide. Thanks!


I absolutely agree with you, I wouldn’t want to apply flight rules when aircraft were not a factor in the actual battle. I’m not aware of a resource that lists suitable scenarios either. You could look up the battle in many cases, but even then, it might not be clear. You could also consider weather and daylight effects- I think the rulebook mentions something about aircraft not being able to attack in darkness and I think it would also be reasonable to eliminate those in heavy snow.


I don’t use Air Pack / NFP, but I notice that a symbol for Air Pack appears alongside some scenarios on DoW:

The penultimate column is called SCENARIO INFO; if you hover your mouse pointer over the symbols it tells you what they are. The Air Pack symbol is quite clear.
It is there for Official Scenarios as well as Scenarios from the Front.
There doesn’t seem to be another symbol for NFP, so I assume it works for that too.


I have just posted some 80th Anniversary scenarios for September.
Two of them have the Air Pack symbol, although the rules for German counter-attack then say ‘‘Air rules are not used’’!

JDRommel just before the M44Forums went down had posted updated rules for another ten scenarios with Air Pack Rules that updated them to New Flight Plan. Once the scenarios are back up it may be possible to sort them by lasted editted date and I suspect most of these have New Flight Plan adjustments. In the perfect world the new version of the website will maybe have a filter for New Flight Plan scenarios that explicitly call for its use.