80th Anniversary Scenarios: September 1943

The largest number of scenarios for September 1943 are in the Mediterranean, reflecting the great significance of that month for the war in Europe - the Armistice of Cassibile (Italy dropping out of the war on the 3rd), Allied landings on the mainland, and the incredible rescue of Mussolini by German special forces.

8-9 September saw Operation Avalanche - the main Allied landings at Salerno. There are many scenarios for this! Here are some highlights:

Operation Avalanche, Battle of Salerno - September 09, 1943 - September 16, 1943
Beach landing; a typically complex LooneyLlama scenario.

Italy Battle of Monterotondo - September 09, 1943
German paras v Italians! Airdrop and Supply Train/Reinforcement rules in effect.

[Italy] Salerne landing (1) - September 09, 1943
A beach landing from jdrommel, with a follow up and an Overlord version also available

The next 8 scenarios are all by Bombi and follow the separate British and American forces from D-Day until D-Day+2. They are well-researched and would make a good mini-campaign.
Salerno landings: US sector - September 09, 1943 - September 17, 1943
Beach landing
Salerno landings: British sector - September 09, 1943 - September 17, 1943
Beach landing; more complex scenario (terrain)
Salerano: Paestum (US-1) - September 03, 1943
Interesting beach landing - Allies can air drop a special unit once they have taken two medals!
Salerno: Chiunzi pass (US-2) - September 03, 1943
Breakthrough; beach landing
The Black Monday - September 09, 1943 - September 17, 1943
Americans blowing up bridges to stop a German counter-attack!
The struggle along the Tusciano - September 09, 1943 - September 17, 1943
Tanks, artillery, infantry
The fight for Altavilla - September 09, 1943 - September 17, 1943
Mainly an infantry battle
German counterattack - September 09, 1943 - September 17, 1943
AIR PACK; German attack on the British - tanks, artillery, infantry

The Rescue of Mussolini - September 12, 1943
AIR PACK. A bit of a novelty scenario; Para drop and Air Rules in effect (Mussolini has to be rescued by plane!).

A battle around a tobacco factory near Persano has led to a number of scenarios, including Black Monday (above). There is also a nice sequence of three scenarios from jdrommel:
[Italy] The tobacco factory - Action 1 - September 12, 1943
[Italy] The tobacco factory - Action 2 - September 13, 1943
[Italy] The tobacco factory - Action 3 - September 14, 1943
Finally, a Dutch Open version - more complex with a lot of terrain:
[DO2017] Tobacco factory - September 13, 1943

[Italy] Altavilla and Hill 424 - September 12, 1943 - September 14, 1943
A big tank and infantry battle

[Italie] Dragone Hill - September 13, 1943
Commandos and screaming meemies
I played this recently - twice in one day! See my After Action Review to find out why…

[Italy] Night drop on Avellino - September 15, 1943
Part of the first mass American parachute drops of WW2. Will it be a disaster like it was in reality?!

[Italy] The four days of Naples - September 27, 1943 - September 30, 1943
Italian uprising against the Germans. (French) resistance rules and street fighting


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Turns out all of these links are busted, but you can track down the scenarios on the legacy days of wonder site.