Troop Card Catalog

This topic contains all information about Memoir '44 Troop Cards. Click on a link to navigate within the same page to the card requested. I will update the post with more high resolution card scans as I gain access to new expansions. Here they are:

  1. Standard Units
  2. Specialized Units
  3. Big Guns
  4. Combat Engineers
  5. Trains
  6. Supply Trains
  7. Armored Trains
  8. Cavalry
  9. Ski Troops
  10. Snipers
  11. Aircraft Carriers
  12. Destroyers
  13. Flame Thrower Tanks
  14. Mobile Artillery
  15. Landing Craft (LC)
  16. Tigers
  17. Supply Trucks
  18. Half-Tracks
  19. Long-Range Patrol Cars
  20. Command Cars
  21. Brandenburgers
  22. Depleted Units
  23. Heavy Anti-Tank Guns
  24. Tank Destroyers
  25. Screaming Meemies
  26. Hobart’s Funnies

Standard Units:

Specialized Units:

Big Guns:

Combat Engineers:


Supply Trains:

Armored Trains:


Ski Troops:


Aircraft Carriers:


Flame Thrower Tanks:

Mobile Artillery:

Landing Craft (LC):


Supply Trucks:


Long-Range Patrol Cars: