Asmodee opens pre-orders for 2020 reprint of D-Day Landings and Battle Map series!

After some rumors popped up on facebook mentioning the reprint of some of the expansions, it seems that some UK stores have opened pre-orders for the D-Day Landings as well as all out of print Battle Maps:

  • Sword of Stalingrad
  • Hedgerow Hell
  • Disaster at Dieppe
  • Tigers in the Snow

This got the community very excited, as this will provide veteran players with the opportunity of completing their collection of all Memoir '44 content, but also new players of experiencing the bigger map formats, which are mostly out of print at the time of writing.

I have personally checked 3 stores that are currently selling the pre-orders which I’ll link below:

Rules of Playing (NEW, added 4th Feb 2020)

Rules of Playing was the latest to announce the reprints in the UK market, but unfortunately it seems it might not ship outside of the UK. For that, you can search for mail proxy servers such as


Zatu Games

This seems to be one of the stores that the community entrusts the most, which is where I placed my pre-order:


Leisure Games


Chaos Cards


Players are also waiting for a reprint of Pacific Theater, as well as the Winter/Desert and Breakthrough boards.

Did you manage to get some? Do you plan to get some of these, even if you won’t preorder? Let us know what you think :slight_smile:

I’ve pre ordered all maps really struggled to get a answer from d.o.w to confirm the re print was happening however zatu have confirmed the news so I await the release date

Welcome to the Forum Chris! There’s been a fair bit of discussion about these news, as to whether it can be really true that Asmodee is reprinting these maps. I think that it is happening, if not for anything else than another UK store that just advertised about it (Rules of Playing). I will be adding them to the original post.

I also pre-ordered all maps… From Zatu as well! I can’t wait to get my hands on them, especially Tigers in the snow and, of course, the D-Day Landings.

I think it’s time to revisit this topic and address the current delay in the shipping of these items:

We’re practically 5 months later and in the checkout page I still see the shipping date prediction set to “N/A”.

First of all I’m confident that Zatu Games, being the large reseller that it is, would not do something shady like accept preorders for things that they don’t know are being reprinted. More so, were something to happen with the preorder status I am also confident I would be able to get my money back. But before you consider asking for a refund, take a look at this:

This is from an official post by Days of Wonder sharing the great work jdrommel did, creating scenarios during the quarantine period. Just 7 weeks ago, responding to Eris’ comment, Days of Wonder confirms that some expansions will come back, hopefully still in 2020. It’s possible that there would be an earlier release this year, and with the pandemic constraints, it was likely delayed.

I admit, there’s no way of telling for sure if Days of Wonder is referring to the battle maps series or to out of print expansions like Winter Wars and Pacific Theater, but with some luck it could be both.

I have attempted to contact Zatu Games regarding the status on my preorders but I did not receive a reply. I will provide an update on this topic if they eventually reply with some useful information.

Just a thought. I once waited 9 months on a preorder because of packaging issues and quality control.
If you really want something, you need to wait. If you bail now you may be a johnny-come-lately when the item finally ships.

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Hi guys, I am completely new to Memoir 44 and still waiting to receive the base game, Terrain Pack, Mediterranean Theater, Eastern Front, Winter Wars and Winter/Desert Board which I found fairly easily at normal market prices. Last week I contacted DoW on facebook and they have confirmed that the army packs will be reprinted within 2020. They clarified that the Equipment Pack will not be included. I also asked about the battle maps and they responded that these “are not scheduled yet”. I know this contradicts the preorder options but that was their exact answer.


First of all, I’m actually really glad you’re sharing this here, this way we have an official report about the army packs and the confirmation about Equipment Pack not being reprinted. I’m confident army packs are coming soon, since Zatu Games is now also taking orders for the Breakthrough Boards and Pacific Theater… Although I might think twice before preordering from them again.

Regarding the battle maps, I’m really glad you quoted their answer on that because it isn’t clear cut. I’d say that if they didn’t have the intention of reprinting them, as some people have stated numerous times on facebook, then they would include the battle maps in the same group as the Equipment Pack. I interpret their statement “are not scheduled yet” as meaning it will happen, but it’s not yet put into production and there isn’t a date for the production yet. This means it might take a long time (more than a year) before we actually see them, but we might see them make their way to shelves next year… I’m not going to ask for a refund based on this just yet. :slight_smile:

In the mean time I have plenty of scenarios to keep me busy!

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Hi goncalo, first of all congratulations on creating this forum. Great job and really helpful especially for new players like myself.
I have interpreted the response of DoW in the exact same way that you have described.


Thank you, it really means a lot to me to hear that because that is the exact reason I made this in the first place: to help people with questions I once had. There’s still lots to cover, and lots of time to cover it as well. :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome. Started collecting M44 some months ago. Still missing breakthrough board, battle Maps, D-day box and equipment pack. Hope the reprints reaches Sweden though.

Great forum btw. I Will follow it with great interest.


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