Days of Wonder announces 2020 reprint of core expansions

Finally we hear from Days of Wonder regarding the reprints that were long overdue for Memoir '44. According to the official post, linked below, the following expansions are due to come back in stock before the end of 2020:

  • Mediterranean Theater
  • Pacific Theater
  • Eastern Front
  • Winter Wars
  • Winter / Desert Board
  • Operation Overlord
  • Terrain Pack

These are all the confirmations, leaving out the Breakthrough Boards as well as the Battle Map series that had been promised earlier by some board game stores (but not officially).

Reprints are always welcome, and this might bring a lot of boxes into the hands of new players and other fans that have patiently awaited this moment for some time (3-4 years in the case of Pacific Theater)

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yes! finally! still need the eastern front and pacific theater-expansion. can’t wait :slight_smile:

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I haven’t played the pacific yet, but I know you’re going to enjoy the Eastern Front! A lot of people have been waiting for the Pacific reprint, it has been a really long time since it’s been out of print :slight_smile:

I follow a couple of stores such as,, as well as some price comparison websites that also check stock in stores like and and I’ll keep watch until it hits the stores, then I’ll try to report back which stores you can buy from :wink:

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Any news about that?
I only need the pacific theather!

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Yes, I’ve heard a lot of people say they have bought their copy of pacific, but I don’t know exactly where and the MSRP – but the stores linked above might be a good resource, depending on where you live.

Me also. I ordered Pacific Theatre from ebay in December 20. Shipping label created on the 28th but it was never shipped.
The seller insists it was shipped on January 4th but the tracking still fails to show this. I got a refund on January 10th but hoping it may one day arrive. I check tracking everyday.
Has anybody had similar experiences, maybe with a happy ending?

For Pacific Theatre has a notify of new stock option different to the other out of stock notices for battle maps etc. I gave my email address and hopefully they come through shortly. I’m currently checking about used copies after my ebay sale fell through. Since then used packs going over $100.

Hi! seems to have pacific theater still in stock. It’s a belgium website. I bought pacific theater and eastern front there myself a few months ago.

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I know it is out of stock now, but asmodee web store had it and that’s where I got it. But it seems there were few, either reprinted or found out to be on stock.

So I finally put my order in today at spelshop, been waiting to get paid, and got paid a couple days late. I was really disappointed that in that time Pacific theatre had become out of stock.
I put in an order anyway for a new base game, an extra Eastern, Mediterranean and winter dessert.
After they took my money I was auto emailed that everything was on back order, even though the website stated everything was in stock. I’ve contacted them and still waiting to hear if I can get my $200 back…

Oh wow, that’s a really shaddy thing to do. Eastern Front, Mediterranian and Winter Wars is still shown as in stock on the homepage.

Like I said, i ordered back in september with no problems at all.


I also bought a bunch of expansions from them and had a very good experience. I’m sorry it didn’t go so well for you. I’m pretty sure they’ll give you the refund if they have stuff on pre-order, but it’s really not common for them to allow orders on out-of-stock items… So maybe it was multiple people buying at the same time? Hard to know.

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It was a simultaneous sale scenario. The customer service was very good, and i would like to buy from them in the future. Shipping is very reasonable on bulky orders.