OverThrough/BreakLord Scenarios to Play?

Hi guys,
I’m looking for some OverThrough scenarios to play.

2 BreakThrough board side by side to play with the OverThrough rules.
Just like in the D-Day expansion, but custom scenarios of the front made by M44 users.

I have everything it takes to play theses kind of map: 2 base game, 2 BreakTrough board, Overlord Cards, etc.

So I wanna play OverThrough games on other scenarios than those in the D-Day Expansion.

But since OverThrough is not an official game mode on Days of Wonder website (Memoir '44 | Days of Wonder), it’s very hard to find these kind of scenarios.

There is no category for theses scenarios but only Overlord, Standard and BreakThrough.

Any reference guys?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Looks like you will have to write your own scenarios.

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I saw other players posting photos of their printed OverThrough / BreakLord maps so I guess some may have already created these kinds of maps.

I hope so…

And just to be clear, i’m speaking of 2 BreakTrough board side by side. Not sure if we call this game mode “OverThrough” or “BreakLord”. Thats confusing.

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There are links here to the maps available on the DOW Military Archives.
They are from 2018. but should keep you going for a while.

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Thanks, I’ll take a look at this :slight_smile:

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It might also be worth contacting some of the national Memoir 44 groups.
M44 Brigade is the Dutch group which produced the excellent crib sheet of rules. And knowing the Dutch, they will speak good English!
Many of the sceanrios mentioned above by KianV are by jdrommel, who I assume is French because a lot of his scenarios are used in the French Open, organised by FFM44.
In addition, if you are logged in to Days of Wonder you can * Send a Private Message to the author - e.g. jdrommel..
Finally, might be worth contacting Brummbar '44, who does a lot of great scenarios.

Oh, I just remembered, there is a thread on this site about the Chattanooga Open. You could ask mrmanley31 if they know of any such scenarios.


There definitely are scenarios designed for this play format. I have a PDF of a booklet created by some of the longtime players that are all Breakthrough scenarios. Several of them can be played side by side to create an Overthrough scenario or played like the D-Day Landings maps.
I can get it to you if you want. Shoot me a private message on the DOW forums or BGG. My username is mrmanley31 in both places.

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Message sent on the DoW Forum :slight_smile:

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Great to see this Forum working so well!

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