Chattanooga Open Tournament

Hello all,
It is time to announce a new tournament! The Chattanooga Open will be held in beautiful Chattanooga, TN, USA on June 4-5th, 2022. Why this name you ask? Because Chattanooga just sounds cool and it is Open to everyone of all skill levels! You just need a knowledge of the base game rules (other special rules will be covered in briefings)
The format will be 6 games (swiss round style), spread over 2 days. While it is competitive, the most important thing is to have fun! With the swiss round style after round 1 or 2 you should always be playing someone close to your skill (or luck!) level.
The scenarios are already published, some familiar, some familiar with a twist, and some not so familiar…but all are related to D-Day (either the landings or within a few days after the invasion). The scenario list will be made known at a later date, but within plenty of time to “practice” before the tournament.
The venue will be the Charles Coolidge National Medal of Honor Heritage Center. It is an amazing museum that honors some of our military’s most selfless heroes.
For those that want even more action, we are planning on a full D-Day Landings play through Friday, June 3rd before the tournament.
Registration will be $50 for the tournament and it will include lunch both days as well as admission to the museum. To guarantee a spot in the tournament I ask that you bring a copy of the base game (I have a lot of Memoir stuff, but not enough for everyone!). However, even if you don’t bring one you should still be able to join as we only need half as many base games as competitors.
To help cover the cost for printing, there will be an option to take maps home and for playing in the D-Day Landings game for a small cost (fees yet to be calculated, but just wanting to give a heads up).
Registration links and rules will be made available soon after the first of the year, so keep your eyes peeled for that! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. Hopefully, I’ll see you there!


This sounds amazing and I offer respect for attempting it!
I look forward to see how events unfold in the South with regard to the pandemic so I can determine if my family and I can attend.

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This sounds great. I hope to bone up on my M44 skills though at this point I don’t have the D-Day maps. Thanks for the early heads-up Jon!

You won’t need the D-Day maps. All games in the tournament will be standard scenarios and special rules will be discussed in briefings before each match.

Registration for the Chattanooga Open is now live! Follow the link below to register:…/1FAIpQLSf0uqrpo9l…/viewform…

For more information about the tournament follow this link:


Just a friendly reminder that plenty of spots are still available for the tournament. If you have any questions about it feel free to ask!

We are a little less than 2 months away from the Chattanooga Open. I am setting a deadline of May 7th to register, to provide time to get the maps printed for the tournament. Make sure you get those registrations in!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions! Several of you already have and let’s get several more!


  1. M44General
  2. Joseph
  3. Ben
  4. Gheintze
  5. Tony
  6. Jean
  7. Albediii
  8. TrekkieMC
  9. Hannah
  10. BandofBrothers
  11. Bob
  12. Cole
  13. Christian
  14. Robb
  15. Mark
  16. Roger

and you? You know you want to!


4 weeks out! Link for registration here:

Thank you so much for organizing the tournament Jon! Looks like you already have things ready to go at this point, so all I have to say is good luck to everyone involved and the organization too! Get in touch with someone at the M44Brigade if you need help organizing, they are used to it :grin:

Keep us posted here in the forum with the results :slight_smile:

8 days left to register. Play and have a chance to win any of these prizes. Much more 3d terrain than what is pictured, thanks to Daniel Moreno for donating!


Ready to play this weekend. Starting off with D-Day Landings tomorrow!


That looks the part. Hope it all goes well and everyone has fun. Good luck!

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