Memoir 44 website taken down

Great news. I’m glad to hear that they’ve not completely overlooked an important part of the game for many people.


Let’s wait and see what reappears.

If something are missing then I am sure that between us all we can create a resource bank.

‘’Improvise, adapt, overcome!’’


I backed up a lot of stuff in the last hours just in case. I pray that the Mem44 Fans vastly superior card compendium is not reliant on the Days of Blunder version. I’m pretty sure that the Days of Wonder team is reliant on Asmodee resources for this all to come to pass.


I have rather hastily put together an online card catalogue which, while not very pretty, should at least keep them available until such time as the new M44 site is up.
The database is still there and this provides a replacement for the now disappeared frontend on DoW.
M44 card catalogue Do not use. See Below.

The previous version would not allow scrolling on mobile devices, so please use this instead.


Well done, thank you.

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This is fantastic. Thank you so much for this.


It is now possible to sort the cards by name rather than number. This may be useful while I work on a search function.

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I have just finished adding a search bar. You may have to perform a hard reload to see it.

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This is terrible news. I used their site all the time for notes, percentages, maps etc. Why would they get ride of all that wonderful user content and player generated maps?


I am just learning about this now – while it’s quite sad, I do believe the forums were well past their expiry point. The whole reason that lead me to create this website was because I was so into the game but the forums were archaic, not mobile friendly and filled with spam and bots.

Looking through some of the more official posts, it looks like it will come back in some capacity, likely much better than before. This doesn’t make up for the fact that some of the discussions could be lost, so in my view they should allow people to archive the old website and use some automated tool to download the scenarios.

Most of the work I did here bringing in scenarios and separating them out by expansion or category was all done manually but it’s high time that someone takes the opportunity to build a better scenario repository.

Overall, I’d say I’m feeling overall hopeful that we could get a better official space for discussion. In the interim period, I hope this forum is enough for most.


People tend to be uncomfortable with change, but I agree- it is great that the makers of the game are looking to update the website. So many board games just die out, so it is a big positive that something is being done. Potentially more people will see it and thus there will be more contributions. The website was indeed out of date, and I think there is room for improvement.

Thanks Goncalo for all you do!


I was literally researching scenarios the day before the site was changed. No warning on the site.

Granted, my skills at website building and design are limited; however, technically speaking, they didn’t have to take down the scenarios to update the site.

While I can see how maintenance of the forums could be a financial loss given the drop in posting over time, the scenario pages should have been relatively low cost.

A while back, I was part of a small team of two programmers and one engineer (moi) that ported over a far larger and complex database than what DOW had in the scenarios. We didn’t have to take the site offline for longer than a couple of hours to complete the build

It just seems so unnecessary what DOW did. Makes me sad.

I agree that it is good that the makers of the game are looking to update the website, and it was certainly out of date, but now it is just bloody awful!
It looks like they have allowed a web design student to have a go at it!

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So, I have decided to start sharing my MM44 scenarios…

Let me know if this works:

The scenarios have returned, at least. Listed under “Military Archives”.


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It’s links to the old “Official Scenarios” and “Scenarios from the Front” database.

The login link doesn’t work and the card compendium isn’t active but thankfully we have KianV’s excellent work that’s, in many ways, superior.

Because DOW changed the path adding “dowlegacy” to the page address the scenario editor can’t link it the pages as that web address is evidently hard coded into a file. I looked to see if there was a easily editable file one could modify the web address, but I couldn’t find one.

But hey, the good news is the scenario database is back. Woo, whoo!

Thanks much pgp1815, I’ve been looking for this for a while.

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Shall we have a discord ?