1939 Scenarios to share

Given that the DoW site is down, I thought I would try sharing my scenarios on DropBox.
Hope it works…

So, these are my adaptations of various scenarios from DoW. 1939 to start with, more to follow (depending on my DropBox capacity). Actually, this link looks like it will take you to all the scenarios I upload, irrespective of year.
I have edited the English, adjusted the layout, cut out any superfluous info, and basically made them as straightforward as possible. I have also adapted the scenario name to what I think is more appropriate.
I have tried to cite the original author where possible.
I have also grouped them into different theatres and then different campaigns/battles.
The accompanying spreadsheet gives a bit of extra info - theatre, campaign, original scenario title, the antagonists, type of scenario (e.g., beach landing, airdrop, infantry/tanks/artillery), etc. so that you can choose one you might like.
As always, feedback very welcome.


So by “adaptations” what do you mean? Have you played all these scenarios and made some rules adjustments or have you just mainly clarified or even translated the rules?

Do I have any hope of using your versions in campaigns that used the original scenarios and names?

This looks like a wonderful resource especially given the ongoing troubles with the new website which is basically worthless.