Looking for overlord campaign and multi breakthrough

Hello community,

I’m looking for overlord campaign and multi breakthrough (x3) scenario.
If you should help me, I found some like
El Alamein 3 overlords
No surrender, overthrough breaklord
I need more :wink:

Thanks a lot for your effort.

By community. See you soon

I had a quick look for you, but I think double and triple breakthrough scenarios are very rare. All I can suggest is doing something with some of the D-day Breakthrough boards that have been posted before:

D-Day Landings: Breakthrough Format - Campaigns and Scenarios - Memoir '44 Fans (memoir44fans.com)

From what I understand, there will likely be some difficulties representing the shorelines, but I gather these scenarios can be printed as they are.

As for Overlord, I’m stuck. Sword and Omaha beaches each have an Overlord map, but they are not connected with each other (in fact, they’re at opposite ends of the Normandy beaches).

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It would be kind of fun to run those and build with tiles except for this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Its kind of like a jig saw puzzle figuring out all the tiles you’d have to print and play. I don’t think you can play those versions together like you can with D-Day landings which of course allows you play all six boards together. But no I’m wrong here is a nice image of the full extended American Landings scenario from D-Day:

I’ve played guadalcanal triple breakthrough solo several times which is from the No Surrendor set and requires a lot of curved river tiles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That El Alamein has me stumped… is that some kind of super wide double overlord setup? :hot_face:
Ah it is a campaign as stated?
El Alamein Overlord Campaign - 24th of October to 04th of November 1942

Userpages on days of wonder legacy site appear to be down, but the pdfs uploaded have working links.

This should keep Ludwig off the streets