D-Day Landings: Breakthrough Format

In the commemoration of the 76th anniversary of D-Day as well as the first anniversary of this website, we honor those involved in the largest seaborne invasion of all time and we proudly share the official Breakthrough scenarios for the Normandy landings. They will remain available here so that you don’t even need to fetch your printed manuals. These are in Breakthrough format, so that even if you don’t own a copy of the D-Day Landings expansion, you will be able to play not only the landings themselves, but also work your forces inland and take key objective points.

A significant amount of terrain hexes might be involved in setting up manually, but one player suggested color-printing the scenarios in A3 or A2 size, feel free to experiment and let us know your experience.

  1. D-Day: Sword Beach
  2. D-Day: Juno Beach
  3. D-Day: Gold Beach
  4. D-Day: Omaha Beach
  5. D-Day: Utah Beach
  6. D-Day: American Airborne

Here are the scenario PDFs that you can use for the special rules, etc:
D-Day_ Sword Beach.pdf (8.1 MB)
D-Day_ Juno Beach.pdf (8.3 MB)
D-Day_ Gold Beach.pdf (8.1 MB)
D-Day_ Omaha Beach.pdf (8.2 MB)
D-Day_ Utah Beach.pdf (8.7 MB)
D-Day_ American Airborne.pdf (8.0 MB)


does any body wish DoW made water hexes?

Edit: Richard Borg not DoW

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Yes! I really do wish they made water hexes.

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