Landing craft and ships

Having never bought the Equipment Pack, I don’t have any landing craft. So I have been looking around at alternatives.
Initially I got a couple of 10mm models from Penraken. I did this because they can hold 4 figures or 1 tank:

The third craft is something I came across second hand - no idea what it is.
By the way, the infantry in the photo are the amazing Pegasus D-Day US Rangers set; great for dioramas, but not practical for Memoir 44.

Having recently come across a thread on Board Game Geek, I have just bought some Heroics & Ros models from their Coastal Forces 1:600 Naval Range:

The LCA in the foreground comes in a pack of four, the LCM behind in a pack of 2.

While I was at it I also bought a corvette; I can use this for the occassional scenarios that require a naval vessel.

Clearly it takes up two hexes, which is not ideal but probably not really a problem.

As always, your comments and thoughts are welcome.


Lots of dedication to this game! You now have to play some scenarios that involve ships just to put it on the table, it looks great