Coastal defences

I am always looking to add something interesting to my MM44 layout, creating more of a diorama than just a board game.
More by luck than by planning I have come across a few items which add to the coastal/beach defence scenarios.

In the foreground and back left of the first photo are two by-products from the excellent Zvezda Art of Tactic range, which often include a sort of bunker thing and barbed wire, such as in the Soviet Engineers set.
I especially like the wire - much more realistic than the rather uninspiring offering from MM44.
The two items on the right of the photo are quite simply left-overs from furniture! I bought a metal display rack (for my models) and these are the feet - which I decided not to use. Either way up they look okay as bunkers, with the left-hand one more useful because you can put figures in it.

The second photo also shows some opportunist items - on the left those are some odd pieces of wood (from I cannot remember what) which are perfect as a sea wall.
And on the right are the only items that I specifically bought.
When looking into sea vessels, I came across these bunkers from Heroics and Ros. One pack includes two gun implacements and one OP/rangefinder bunker (which could readily be used as a field bunker). They are from the Heroics & Ros | Coastal Forces 1/600th Naval range.

Have you come across any useful beach items/facilities?
I would be interested to hear you thoughts and ideas.

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