Jungle Combat Cards

These are one of the sets from Through jungle and desert.
As far as I can see, there are no copies of these cards freely available.
If someone has them and is willing to do so, please add them!
The image above is the only one I have found, but it does allow me to make a list.

The first 11 appear in various other sets, so I have made links to them, the remaining 4 are unique to the jungle.
Note: there are actually 20 cards in the set, but 5 are duplicates.

1 Ambuscade
2 Foxhole = Fortify
3 Heat of battle
4 Out of ammo
5 Pull back
6 Reinforcements
7 Reposition
8 Camoflague
9 Return to duty
10 Armour bulldozer
11 Improved gunnery sighting
12 Spiderhole
13 Jungle fighters
14 Giretsu
15 Jungle fever


15 Jungle fever
Here is a quick attempt at a homemade card
Tropical fever

13 Jungle fighters
(Bonus points if you can identify the unit!)
Jungle fighters

14 Giretsu
These were Japanese special forces.
I cannot see the full text on the only version of this card I can find online, but it seems similar to Rat Patrol, so I have created this card
Grietsu card

12 Spiderhole
If you knew how long this has taken me to find…
(Mentioned in Dispatches at least!)

Thank you for this great job. I found some more cards:

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All of these cards are also in the VASSAL module.

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Thanks Bart for continuing to work on all these additions.

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