Infantry Scale?

What scale are the M’44 infantry figures? 1/72? I really have no idea and can’t seem to readily find that info.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!


There is general guess that the Allied Infantry are 1/72 scale (US, French, British, Russian) the Axis forces (Germany, Japan) seem to be smaller in scale.


Yes, as mzungu says, they are basically 1/72.
This means there are many options for including much better figures in your scenario games.
I have done some posts on this, but also check out this one and this plus a few others out there.
If you are looking for some guidance on which 1/72 figures might be good, have a look at Plastic Soldier Review.


1:72 works fine. Bought some Airfix boxes. Bases are a bit small though. They tend to fall over.


A possible solution is to glue their base to washers, they become very stable.


Sometimes there is a bit of ‘flash’ on the underside of the base, which can be trimmed off.
Airfix tend to be relatively soft plastic, so try warming them up (on a radiator, in hot water), to make them more pliable, then adjusting their centre of balance (normally bending the legs a little).

I have used a craft knife to remove flash, but I have found the most useful tool is a pair of cheap toenail clippers. You don’t need a steady hand, just snip away in straight lines. The little bits of plastic fall into the container too, so there is no mess at all!

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