Germans & Special Weapons Assets

For the Infantry I mixed figures from Memoir 44, Revell and ESCI. For the Special Weapons Assets I liked making little diorama sets. I used some putty,lichen,toothpicks,branchs from the trees in the back yard and some bits & pieces leftover of diorama sets Get creative and have fun.


Great stuff!
This is/was one of Revell’s best sets, focusing on the later years of the war and containing some good weapons.
I have just done the Zvezda German Sniper Team; the Revell set also has a good sniper, albeit in a standing pose, while ESCI have one kneeling.
Keep up the good work!

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Love how the third party guys in the first picture blend with the M44 guys so well.

Also, mini dioramas for the SWAS is very clever.


Love those dioramas! Especially the machine gun and mortar teams.