2021 reprint confirmed?

Hi all.
I deeply regret selling my ‘almost’ complete Memoir 44 collection a few years back :frowning:. I am purchasing again but am wondering… can someone please confirm the rumours that everything will be reprinted and available early 2021? I am reluctant to preorder. Thanks heaps! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t preorder. Buy what’s avaiable as it may run out. Keep an eye for new releases/prints and try to get them as soon as possible, but there is no need to preorder something that may or may not come, and even if it does, it may take a while!


this was the notification 12 months ago, and nothing has changed. especially in relation to the battle maps. As Winters suggests, wait until stock is confirmed in stores before ordering.


I do believe that it is sadly a rumor that “everything will be reprinted”.

rasmussen81, an agent of Days of Wonder, states on the DOW Memoir’44 Forums:
I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the reprint schedule but I haven’t heard anything official about a Battle Maps reprint. Certainly not the original battle maps because the last I had heard, DoW said they weren’t planning to reprint those.

So I do believe all the army packs, winter wars, overlord cards and chits, terrain pack, winter/desert board, New Flight Plan and possibly the breakthrough boards are a guarantee.
If you look at the back panel on the New Flight Plan insert it shows what they are actually advertising.


Thanks for that. It’s seems crazy that a few shops are taking battlemap pre-orders and have told me they are expecting them early 2021. :frowning:

I am not assuming to know for certain what DOW plans, I just don’t want you to be disappointed by a rumor that doesn’t play out. I know for certain that if they advertise material on their inserts they have it or will soon have it in production. As to secondary marketers selling or advertising or offering preorders, I would just keep my ears open to how that plays out.
I was fortunate to start collecting Memoir’44 in 2007 and have found the best time to buy is when it first comes out as there is no promise of future production. I wish you well in your endeavor to recollect much of the game. It is one of my favorites.


I wouldn’t hold my breath for the battle map reprints. I have waited about 1 year with my preorder and requested a refund which was promptly given. I think it must have been a mistake, even the pandemic would not delay an already in progress reprint more than a year.

What Days of Wonder needs to do in my opinion is to make a statement about it. They don’t need to write whether or not they’ll ever reprint those, but make them available online so that people can print and play them. I don’t think that they’ve done this yet, and the first battle map came out in 2008 (that’s 13 years ago from the date of this post). I think it wouldn’t harm them in making the maps available…

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A little while back I emailed Asmodee to ask about the future reprint plans, the reply was they couldnt confirm anything and to follow the studio for news.
I’ve just emailed again today, and encourage everybody to do the same. It’s very little effort, and likely won’t make a difference. But it definetly would help the print schedule if the community was heard.


This just became a little more relevant… :slight_smile:

I have just had a shipping notification from Zatu in the UK for the Battle Maps, so things are moving at last. :grinning:

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For those who want to go the extra (completely ridiculous completionist) mile, the Equipment Pack is now in stock at Philibert in France, so possibly somewhere near you.

Reprints are happening as local shops and some websites have gotten new stock here in the US. I grabbed the Equipment pack at retail less 20% this week. I’m hoping to get Tigers in the Snow, but not sure it was reprinted as I have not seen it pop up in EU yet.

Tigers has been reprinted. All the Battle Maps have appeared here in Europe, but they are selling out very quickly from the major sites.

Those rumors are probably a lie.