Official 2021 Reprint announcement for Equipment Pack and Battle Maps

In a surprise announcement, a post published on the official Memoir '44 page reveals that the Equipment Pack, Breakthrough Boards and the first installment of the Battle Map series will be reprinted with availability starting this summer:

Several users had been reporting that Breakthrough expansions had been popping up in multiple European websites, but this announcement clearly states that some expansions (which some swore would never see a reprint) are indeed coming back.

This move could be justified by an increase in player base, as more and more people become aware and get to know the game. This will be a great chance for many players to complete their collection. Some of these products have been out of print for over 5 years… :slight_smile:

Link to original post:


My soul is happy but my wallet is not.

Great news!


Got a hold of the Breakthrough boards 4 days ago. But Eq pack… yay.

About the cost? Everything will be cheaper than ebay.

Cherers lads.

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Very cool! Did not expect a reprint of the equipment pack. Let’s hope the build quality of the pieces is better than the quality of the miniatures in the reprinted pacific expansion. But i will not get my hopes up :wink:


To add to that: Yesterday I played the Eastern Front expansion for the first time. And to my surprise: The build quality of the pieces is far better than in the Pacific expansion. Don’t know what happened there with the pacific one. has reprints of the battle packs “Sword of Stalingrad” and “Disaster at Dieppe” in stock!

The Equipment Pack was also in stock but right now is not.