Welcome to the Memoir '44 Fans Forum!


This is a community driven space for fans of the Memoir '44 board game. You will find lots of Memoir '44 related content here, including rule references, player submitted maps and campaigns, battle reports, painted miniatures, expansion selling / trading and much, much more.

Why this website exists

We made this forum out of necessity for accessible Memoir '44 content. Previously existing communities were lacking important features:

  • The official community page uses decades-old software that is simply inadequate for modern browsing patterns, where users primarily use their smartphone to look for content. Unfortunately, it has also suffered several episodes of spam attacks in the past, where bots littered the forum with garbage content that had to be removed manually by a community manager.
  • BoardGameGeek is undeniably a global hub for everything that is board game related, but it too has problems with displaying content in mobile devices.
  • The facebook group has multiple issues revolving around the use of facebook itself. The content, questions and answers posted there are not public, meaning that people without a facebook account cannot see it, and Google cannot index any information. The group feature of facebook is also a very poor replacement for a forum system, for more reasons that would fit in a single bullet point.

Why you should join

  • We are using modern, state of the art software that allows for uploading of rich content such as photo, video, documents and all formats are neatly displayed in mobile devices as well as regular computers.
  • The forum is regularly indexed by Google and other search engines, meaning that you will be able to find anything that is posted here whenever and wherever you are. This is the best way to show the real size of the Memoir '44 community to the world.
  • This is an open community. The Forum’s “algorithm” also promotes users automatically and adds extra privileges according to their participation. This is a way to give back to users who are active and provide the Forum with good quality posts over time.
    There are also VIPs in the Memoir '44 community, or moderators of the other Memoir '44 groups who are all welcome here. We can even provide moderator access if or when they decide to join us.
  • We offer an optional email digest of the content created here, which you can use to open only the topics that interest you the most.

Acceptable Content

This website is meant to exist as an online community that supports the Memoir '44 game. This implies that there we need some rules with regards to what contents can be posted here. Here are some guidelines for posting content on M44Fans:

Trading and Selling

There will be a specific category for Commerce, but this will be restricted to official or Days of Wonder approved content. To be clear, users will be able to buy, sell and trade their Memoir ‘44 game and official expansions. No trademark or copyright infringing content may be sold.
Any posts in this category will be hidden from the main page in order to avoid polluting the history for users that do not want to buy/trade/sell Memoir’ 44 expansions.

Selling Unofficial Content

You are welcome to sell any Memoir '44 related content, even outside of what Days of Wonder currently offers. This includes custom terrain hexes, 3D printed components, among other things. However, due to some past controversies and heated debates over the legality of unofficial expansions, we kindly ask you to refrain from selling unofficial expansions on this forum. You are allowed to discuss them privately through the Forum’s messaging system, but advertising them by messaging other users in bulk will not be tolerated.


This Forum is a community effort lead by Gonçalo Tomás, meant as a not for profit project. There will be no advertisements of any kind for any paid content with the exception of the previously mentioned Commerce category. Keep in mind this is a place for members to discuss the game and share experiences, and should not be used to promote anything non-related to the Memoir '44 universe.

User Created Content

Users are allowed (and incentivized) to publish their own content, whether it be battle maps, custom storage units, collection photos, custom miniatures and terrain, etc. When publishing content of others, please be mindful. Ask for permission whenever possible and always try to credit the real author in some way, by linking to their Social Media page, or by simply mentioning their name.