Watch It Played publishes Memoir '44 tutorial sponsored by DoW

This video caught some by surprise, because Watch It Played, a board game YouTube channel with more than 150.000 subscribers, published a tutorial that was sponsored by Days of Wonder. A lot of people speculate that the company no longer cares for the game, but this might prove naysayers otherwise.

Days of Wonder, perhaps to promote the newest expansion New Flight Plan, decided to sponsor the video despite the details of the sponsorship being somewhat hidden. If I had to guess, I’d say they just sent over the expansions for review. I also couldn’t help but notice that not all of the expansions were mentioned, but overall the tutorial seemed to cover a fair bit of content… :slight_smile:

Any thoughts on the video and DoW’s promotion of Memoir?

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I also think he did a great job showing the contents of the expansions. Most of the content out there is so old that any videos or photos of the contents (the miniatures, hex tiles, etc…) are low resolution. Loved seeing the Soviet Army laid out in the red background. This guy seems to know his stuff! :smile:


Rodney is slick and has long been a favourite of mine. When it comes to quick rule explanations on games I’m interested in, he’s one of the first I’ll search out.

It’s also good to see older games being supported. If it’s a good game, I want to know about it. Fair play to DoW for the sponsor if true, helps them, helps us, everyone is a winner.

Totally agreed. I was following some popular board gaming channels on YouTube, namely Shut Up and Sit Down and The Dice Tower, both of which have some good Memoir '44 content, but I have to admit Rodney went totally under my radar (a shame!).

He layed out the rules quite nicely and also had little to no filler content in there. I liked his review very much and I subscribed for more.

Definitely! There’s no reason to stop producing a game just because it’s old, and I’m glad to see M’44 in the spotlight. Maybe we’ll get a wave of new players after this :slight_smile:

This video is a sign of support from the bigwigs, so I was very happy to see it.

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