Urban Combat Card Catalog

This topic contains all information about Memoir '44 Urban Combat Cards. Click on a link to navigate within the same page to the terrain type requested. I will update the post with more high resolution card scans as I gain access to new expansions. Here they are:

  1. Rattenkrieg
  2. Reinforcements
  3. House To House
  4. Heat Of Battle
  5. Not A Step Back
  6. Ambuscade
  7. Pull Back
  8. Out Of Ammo
  9. Infiltrators
  10. Sniper
  11. Reposition
  12. Fortify
  13. Spotter
  14. Return to Duty
  15. Armor Factory
  16. Armor Forward
  17. Air Bombardment



House to House:

Heat of Battle:

Not A Step Back:


Pull Back:

Out of Ammo:






Return to Duty:

Armor Factory:

Armor Forward:

Air Bombardment:

This is great stuff. I managed to get a French version of the Desert and Jungle combat cards BUT google translator doesn’t do a very good job. Can you post English versions of those decks. I found winter and urban of the DoW site. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum @Maxjoezach!
Thanks! I’ve done my best to publish here every deck of cards I could. The problem with the Jungle and Desert decks is that they appear to be “classified”, in the sense that only people with that game expansion should be able to see them. The reason I think they added all of the other decks to their official Card Compendium is because they come with expansions that are now out of print… The most I can do is point you towards BGG’s page and maybe one day someone will post them there.
Until they show up someplace first, preferably in their official website, I don’t think it’s a great idea to put them here for legal reasons :confused:

Edit: I’ve reached out to Days of Wonder to ask them directly about this. I will re-edit when I hear back from them :slight_smile: