The considerations behind the choice of Normandy for D-Day

Just found this interesting video from Real Engineering on YouTube which goes over the choosing of the location for the US and UK’s invasion of Europe. It mentions multiple other interesting points, like Calais, Dunkirk or Dieppe. Typically we’re able to see 1-2 major reasons that would have lead allied command to decide on Normandy, but reality is more complex: there were a swathe of variables that were considered after the catastrophic offensive in Dieppe, for example the type of sand and soil that the beaches had. I found the video very informative, and I lament that the series is only partly available. It seems that there are 3 more episodes that are available on Nebula / Curiosity Stream, for which I don’t have a subscription.

What did you think of the video? Did you watch the other paid episodes? Can you share some feedback about them? :slight_smile:


Interesting watch, thanks for sharing!

There is a 7 day-free trial period for Nebula, if you’re only interested in this series. That should be more than enough for the other three episodes.

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I didn’t know about that! Looks like I might end up watching the other episodes too! I’ve heard that they have other historical content on WW2, so maybe I could watch those other series and comment on those.

As for this series, if I get around to signing up for the free trial I’ll post here again with my feedback on the rest of the episodes. Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

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