Scenario posting problem on Days of Wonder website

Hi guys, recently i’ve made some scenarios of my own… I just want to ask for someone to tell me how do you post those scenarios on Days Of Wonder .com in “scenarios from the front”. I also just recently installed the editor. That is also the reason why i don’t know how to post the scenarios.
Pls tell me bro :slight_smile:

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In the Editor, on the ‘Battle Information’ tab, on the right-hand side is a Status drop-down for DOW Online. If you change this from ‘Private’ to ‘Public’, when you save it online via the ‘File’ menu it will be available on ‘Scenarios From The Front’.


Thank you very much! :wink:

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What name are you posting under on Days of Wonder?
I just searched for mista_gunner under authors but nothing came up.
It would be good to try out your secenarios!