Scenario Editor text not printing in two columns (solution)

While poking around in the code for the Editor, I have found a solution for something which has bugged me for a long time.
If you find that when printing scenarios the text is not split into 2 columns as it should be, locate the following file in the installation folder:
/Memoir’44 Editor/chrome/content/printable.css

Find line 56 and change it to the following:
-moz-column-count: 2;

Newer versions of IE do not behave well with the column-count property, and this should fix the output.

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Another little hiccup fixed.
If when you print the scenario the ‘Setup Order’ box always has a transparent background, change line 123 to the following:
fill: rgb(237,242, 198);
(Obviously you can pick another colour value.)

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