Question on getting unit packs

Hello! Huge American fan of Memoir 44 here, is there a chance we will ever get reprints of the unit packs? I am debating currently buying “new” versions on eBay but am skeptical of their legitimacy. Obviously if new versions (reprints) come out that would be ideal. Is there a place where this info is posted?

Happy new year almost!


hi ian!

sadly you missed the reprints at the end of 2020. I’m sure the will reprint them again, but when - nobody knows.

but you can army packs here and there at european shops but with shipping it may get a bit pricey. and philibert (french sites, use the automatic translate-option in chrome) seems to have a few of them in stock. maybe the easiest way if you’re already a amazon costumer.

you can use sites like these for your search in european stores:

it seems that brettspielpreise also lists some us stores (you have to change “delivery to” to usa).

good luck with your hunt, we’ve all been there :wink:


Thanks for the insight!! I just bought a bunch on philibert! I don’t mind paying extra for shipping but paying crazy high prices on eBay doesn’t really make sense. Wish I could grab the bag tho!


Haha, the bag. Yeah, the completionist in me also wants the bag but I will never pay those ebay prices. I don’t even think it’s that useful as a storage solution, with the flimsy packaging of the expansions I would be afraid they get crushed. But I might be wrong.

After the reprint of the battlepacks in 2021 the only thing I’m still missing is the D-Day Landings-map pack. Fingers crossed for a reprint in 2022.


I own the crazy bag and it is my primary carrier. Nevertheless, I keep the original game in its box and use Plano storage containers to hold ALL the expansions as subcomponents within the bag so no crushing going on.


Yes, storage containers is a good way to store the expansions, especially when you’re carrying them around. I just can’t bring myself to get rid of the expansion-packaging, I like the look of them in my shelf (my girlfriend not so much :wink: ). It’s a damn shame the packaging is that flimsy, I would have loved if the did come in a sturdy box like the base game.


Hey thanks so much for the responses! Really excited to get into the game again!

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