Question about equipment pack

Hi, i was wondering when and how i am supposed to use the equipment packs units apart from the scenarios that you get with the equipment pack.

A lot of the equipment pack simply replaces the cardboard tokens. It doesn’t say anywhere in the scenarios when this should be done, so it’s up to you to really to replace them as you see fit. For example, the snipers and special artillery just do the job that the tokens can be used for as standard. There are also some things in the equipment pack which are introduced in the expansions, such as the ski troops and the cavalry, but they are not used in many scenarios overall.
Some of the contents are only used for the D-day massive expansion, for example the Hobart’s funnies and the landing craft.

It would be really nice to have a means of quickly looking up scenarios which use certain items. I happen to like scenarios with snipers, for example, and I would love to be able to pick them out easily.

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