Printing Campaign PDFs

Newer players of the game (myself included) will not have access to scenario booklets and both campaign books, but fortunately there is a healthy amount of PDF files, both official and unofficial, available for players to use.

I have bought a digital copy of the original Air Pack and the Campaign Book Vol 1 and I’m very interested in printing them, however, I’ve found that in most websites the quote for printing the Campaign Book, at 112 pages, to be around 70€ or $75. I wanted to print most of the campaigns I have accumulated over time, but this is proving to be prohibitively costly. Does anyone know of any cheap alternatives where I could get decently colored prints of the scenarios?

I can’t imagine printing the scenarios in black and white, I wouldn’t even be able to tell which terrain I would need.

Can anyone offer any help with this?

My local Staples was asking for more than 60€ for basic color printing in standard 80g paper.
After searching for more options for a while, I was able to print my Campaign Book PDF, with 112 pages, for about 30€ on 160g premium paper and excellent quality. I am very happy with the result, and I can forget about hunting down an outrageously priced original copy!


Looks very nice. Thank you for sharing.

I was wondering if you created the tokens using foamcore from the printable tokens sheet that came with the download as others have done?

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I didn’t get to print the tokens yet but I was thinking about printing them on thick 250g paper and possibly laminating them with transparent packing tape.

Your idea of using foam-core also seems interesting though! I am itching to get my hands on some foam-core, but the local shop has an hour long waiting line to get in… Safety rules following the quarantine significantly reduce the amount of people that can be inside shopping centers and this is what creates the huge lines to get in. It might be a while until I can get some foam-core, so I might go with the thick paper + lamination. I’ll post pictures once I get it done!