Printed scenarios- which to get?

Hi everyone, a quick question. I already have the Jungle and Desert pack and the Khalakin-gol set. I’ve not yet given them much time, but I like many of you, I feel like I want to have them all!
I recently found Sword of Stalingrad and Disaster at Dieppe in my country for a reasonable price. My currently tight budget allows for one of these- but which one? I hope to eventually get both, but which would you prioritize?


I went with Sword of Stalingrad first because I thought Stalingrad seemed more interesting than Dieppe. I haven’t played Dieppe yet so I can’t directly compare the two! Either way, it’s hard to beat the printed maps for overlord play.


I got Sword of Stalingrad mostly for the additional Combat cards; however, my gaming group found the overlord maps especially fun so I highly recommend it.

I play Memoir 44 using my Microarmor miniatures on a hex battle mat.

Here’s a picture from one of our Stalingrad games

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