Print own tokens,cards?

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I just received the campaign book v1 pdf, but don’t have any of the token or cards. Is there anyplace to get them (officially or otherwise) on pdf sheets that I can print myself?

Would happily pay DoW if they were available.

Thank you.


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DOW sells the Campaign Book 1 as PDF on their website, and it comes with a PDF with the tokens to print.

I have it but don’t know If I can share it here because technically you have to pay for it, even if what you pay for is the campaign book, which you have.

Edit: wait so you bought the book on their website and you didn’t get the tokens? how weird. I thought you had got the book second hand physically

Edit 2: You should see it here Login - Play different.™ | Days of Wonder if you are logged in as “Punchboard - Planche - 5mb”


Thanks. I got the pdf secondhand, but not a pdf of the punchcard.

Welcome to the forum @jodabo! The Campaign Book Vol I does not include any cards that I’m aware of, only tokens. And for that, @Winters is spot on: you can get the PDF named “Punchboard - Planche - 5mb” that is only 2 pages long.

We don’t want to infringe any rights here so I can’t post it here for you, but I would advise to contact the person you got the PDF from and tell them to also provide the Punchboard PDF, or buying a copy of it for yourself. If you only have a printed version, the PDF is always useful because you can search it using some applications on your computer/smartphone.

In any case, people also post here other campaigns and scenarios that shouldn’t require extra tokens / cards, so you can browse the #campaigns-and-scenarios category for inspiration :slight_smile:

Hope to see you around!

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I have never bought any expansion packs - I just have two copies of the original game.
So, when I need additional cards - Troops, SWAs, Actions, etc. - I have to copy and print them from various sources (including the excellent catalogues in Intel)

But I decided to try something different - getting a set of cards printed properly.
I have used Mein Spiel for various card games in the past and been very happy.
So I decided to see if Troops and Actions cards would work if I printed them with this company.
They arrived today! And I am pleasantly surprised at how good they are:

In the second picture, you can see a full-size MM44 Actions card - printed on 180g card as I usually do.
These new ones are smaller, but perfectly legible and on much thicker card. Plus a great box for storage.

For 64 cards, Including postage, they cost 30EUR.
Not cheap, but definitely an option for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for expansions.


Nice, I always wanted to have more action cards. Base game has some, Winter Wars get you some more and the winter combat deck, and New Flight Plan gets you the air combat deck, but the rest of them are not avaiable anywhere.

I think they originally came in the Air Pack or the Equipment Pack, both expansions long OOP. Maybe some others in the battlemaps.

They sure are a nice thing to have for quick reference.


Printing tokens is not easy, but something to play with:

A murderous job making badges from scratch. I’m probably going to have a stack of them cast aside once everything is sorted out from my Memoir 44 collection. Cutting the stickers out by hand and then putting them over an existing token with similar coloration might work pretty well. :thinking:

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Now the hexes I might take a crack at (rather than apply to some surplus ones in my vast M44 armada), but that is just because I’ve got a big bad cutter that I’m have tempted to put an M44 board through just to close the gap for overthrough and overlord two and three board setups.

Even if you don’t have the scenarios or the rules for the out of print expansions they have some useful tokens. I’ve printed and played all the reference cards twice so on both sides of the board. I’ve found it very handy as a new player.

If you don’t have enough spares one can always buy another Terrain pack and just put the stickers on those badges, tokens, and tiles. Just a crazy gaming systems with components not layed out with their designated expansions, but the logic of keeping price down is inescapable.


I’ll say to prague imp that the cheapest way to go is to print these on some kind of card stock and just sleeve the results. No need to waste toner on the backsides. I actually enlarged my cards by getting rid of the black border.

These are not the greatest images for making cards:

For the quick and dirty print and play job this is not a bad source (even smaller cards, but can be enlarged.):


I’m not sure if the above photo will stay hosted but I did make some of my own files to print and play vinyl decals which I put over existing memoir 44 tokens especially for ones where I was using miniatures from the equipment pack or just had many many copies of them. The vinyl did well with the curves on the front side of the tokens and perhaps the backside of the obstacle tokens was the easiest to deal with because only in this case could you trim after putting the decal on as the front sides curve helps keep any kind of trimming from damaging the token. (Don’t attempt this with badges, those you have to hand trim and best on the curved side where the bevel helps hide mistakes.) My printer really likes to juice things as you can see with the landing craft and the exit marker where I have originals for comparison. if you go with Gloss vinyl, you’ll get the pop I have here on the badges which is nice.

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