Print own tokens,cards?

New user, disregard if inappropriate.

I just received the campaign book v1 pdf, but don’t have any of the token or cards. Is there anyplace to get them (officially or otherwise) on pdf sheets that I can print myself?

Would happily pay DoW if they were available.

Thank you.


Hello, welcome to the forum!

DOW sells the Campaign Book 1 as PDF on their website, and it comes with a PDF with the tokens to print.

I have it but don’t know If I can share it here because technically you have to pay for it, even if what you pay for is the campaign book, which you have.

Edit: wait so you bought the book on their website and you didn’t get the tokens? how weird. I thought you had got the book second hand physically

Edit 2: You should see it here if you are logged in as “Punchboard - Planche - 5mb”

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Thanks. I got the pdf secondhand, but not a pdf of the punchcard.

Welcome to the forum @jodabo! The Campaign Book Vol I does not include any cards that I’m aware of, only tokens. And for that, @Winters is spot on: you can get the PDF named “Punchboard - Planche - 5mb” that is only 2 pages long.

We don’t want to infringe any rights here so I can’t post it here for you, but I would advise to contact the person you got the PDF from and tell them to also provide the Punchboard PDF, or buying a copy of it for yourself. If you only have a printed version, the PDF is always useful because you can search it using some applications on your computer/smartphone.

In any case, people also post here other campaigns and scenarios that shouldn’t require extra tokens / cards, so you can browse the #campaigns-and-scenarios category for inspiration :slight_smile:

Hope to see you around!