Preprinted map storage

For those with Battle Map series and possibly other downloaded maps, how do you store them? Do you laminate them to become more durable?

I’m curious to know what to do with overlord format maps. Folding them back down to the original format seems like a recipe for creases and tears, and rolling them might make it harder to flatten when playing.

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I found that they fit nicely into the lid of the base set, but unfortunately not within its base. Nonetheless, I have dropped them into that, and I had a piece of card from somewhere that I put onto the top to act as a lid. As for protection, the hardware store near me sells lengths of plastic table covering cut to size. There are even different thicknesses of plastic, with differing costs. I guess this is the way to go for when the boards are in play.

Thanks for the question, as this is my least organized aspect of my collection, I’m also interested to see how people store their paper maps. Sadly they’re too tall for my accordion file.

The cardboard parcel tube is my choice for this. Each of the official Battle Maps has its own one and the ones that I’ve printed myself are about 3 to a tube. Then I just write on the outside what it contains.

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