Planes blocking line of sight?

I’m looking at adding the new flight plan into my collection. I love adding new layers to the game, and have deliberately left this until last. Im unsure if the rules were the same in the air pack, but the planes blocking line of sight really doesnt sit well with me.
In the excellent thread about artillery hits we discussed rational reasons for and against changing the rules and what would be fairer in either circumstance.
In the case of planes blocking line of sight, surely it would be easy to just ignore this rule.
The argument was to make rules simple by the having the same line of sight restrictions as other units. But they behave diffently to regular units, can move over occupied hex etc.
Im interested how other players feel anout this, especially players who use the planes often.


I ignore this rule but apply the priority of shooting to a plane in close combat on a further ground unit


Yes, it’s kind of weird.

I have played only once with the New Flight Plan because I don’t play M44 that often sadly so I have to keep it simple for the people who arent used to it. So I can’t really say how it affects gameplay, if it breaks balance or not, but it’s weird at least, and counter intuitive too I think.

I would like to know your experiences playing it ignoring the rule. Also @JP_Pacelli way of doing it seems like a good way to do it.

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I can maybe understand if a player is attacking ground units and there is an enemy plane flying overhead… I don’t think I would stick my head out or try to attack so I can sort of understand why they have the blocked line of site rule. However if my ground troops are going to attack and our own plane is overhead then my line of site should not be blocked as I am working in cooperation with the air units.

Maybe ground to air communication or vice versa was not a thing back then… LOL.
Regardless I would say a plane does not block line of site other than it takes up a hex and because it does take up a hex hence line of site is blocked. I can take it or leave it.


Actually, according to the new rules, if your plane is blocking LOS, you can simply move your units underneath and past your airplane to get a better shot during the movement phase. So they can run and drive under it.

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Insofar as ground to air communication; on the battlefield, as in, whatwe wouldcall “air support” today, that communication was nonexistent. Even the air to ground (command) commo was spotty.

My son and I play quite a bit, and we play that they do not block line of sight, and you need not target them if they are adjacent.

It doesn’t seem too far out of realism; your shooting 80 yards over there at some guys in the woods…or the same pot-shot into the air at something moving pretty quickly…

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