Operation Unthinkable Scenario: Battle of Elbe River Soviets vs. Americans

These Battles never happened in WW2 but are based on hypothetical Scenario’s that could have played out if the Allies and Soviets went to war right after defeating Germany in ww2. operation Unthinkable was an unused British war plan for war with the Soviet Union Right after the defeat of Germany

Battle of Elbe River
Americans vs. Soviets

The Americans and Soviets Clash along the Elbe river


Americans go First

American Sniper in forest with star can fire through tree tiles

Mines are American only use once

America needs 8 Medals
Soviets need 7 Medals

5 command cards each

Sandbags don’t go away if Americans move but will if soviets destroy unit or take area or if Americans have to retreat

All operation unthinkable
Allies get 2 airpower
Soviets get 1 airpower

This is a fascinating concept. How did you go about making the scenario? Is it based on some literature or purely a work of your imagination?

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