Operation Market Garden (overlord)

memoir 44 market garden

This is my first post and I didn’t know what to post so I put up operation Market Garden also I also will put up breakthrough maps of operation Market Garden. All made by Piccolo-Rosso.

1st airborne-Memoir '44 | Days of Wonder (light)
Memoir '44 | Days of Wonder (hard)

82nd airborne-Memoir '44 | Days of Wonder (light)
Memoir '44 | Days of Wonder (hard)

101st airborne-Memoir '44 | Days of Wonder (light)
Memoir '44 | Days of Wonder (hard)


Those are some great looking breakthrough maps. Op. Market Garden is one of my favourites settings to play on.

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Than you for the comment! :grinning:

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Please write a review of how it plays?
Do different sections become important at different times?
Are units typically moved between sections more than usual in this type of game?
An AAR would be very interesting.

I’m so sorry I forgot to add a briefing so here is the link for the briefing:https://www.daysofwonder.com/memoir44/en/editor/view/?id=5342. :+1: So you read the sections like this, the two sections on the left would be the left flank. And so the two in the center is the center, same with the right. And their is no objective for the British xxx corps to reach Arnhem, so you could just do what ever you want.

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Thanks! Following your link then checking out rating comments, I found this:
“The card mechanism gives this scenario a unique and historially accurate feel. Downsides are that the Tiger rarely gets involved and the artillery in Nijmagen make that bridge almost impossible to take. Still great fun to play though!”