Operation Forest: Overlord

This scenario was taken from the M44 Brigade’s website. M44 Brigade is a group of Memoir '44 players that organize the Dutch open tournament and they have a ton of useful resources on their website, which has the small disadvantage of being in dutch. If you live in the Netherlands, you should probably try to talk to them!

I’m posting this scenario here because it was the first time I saw an OverLord map with staggered maps, which is just a term I’m using to mention that the 2 maps don’t line up purposely to represent terrain which normally would not be possible to picture in Overlord format.

This happens also with D-Day Landings, which I don’t own, but I know that the multiple maps don’t always align neatly. It gives a curious effect.

Here is the scenario:

Overloon-Forest-Overlord1.1-.pdf (1.3 MB)