[Normandy] The Capture of Carpiquet

I’ve been collecting scenarios in digital format for a while now, and now that I’m cleaning out my files I wanted to keep them here in the website instead of storing them locally. Then when I want to play a certain scenario I can just go to our Campaigns and Scenarios category and pick some.

The scenario author is secret_strategem

[Normandy] The Capture of Carpiquet.pdf (5.1 MB)

Secret_strategem is the creator of that scenario. I believe he is from Australia.



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One great advantage of having a veteran Memoir player is the sheer amount of knowledge of scenarios, and in this case, of the authors :grin:

Thanks for letting me know the author, I’ve edited the original post to include his username and a link to his Memoir profile! :slight_smile:

yes, Secret_strategem is indeed a fellow Aussie, and an active member of the Memoir '44 facebook group. He creates loads of awesome scenarios.