Neoprene boards and maps?

Has anyone explored the idea of doing the boards and paper maps in neoprene? I just did some quick googling and didn’t find anyone currently offering this, but if you play other board games you know this is offered quite often - either by the manufacturer or third party vendors. I just played Villagers with a friend and he had the board in neoprene, which gave me the idea to ask.


I have some m44 boards printed on vinyl (I think that is how is called). Its great because it easy to store rolled, and its waterproof, which means its very easy to clean if it gets something on it.

I think you can get custom neoprene boards too, so yes, totally doable.


What a coincidence that you ask this question, I was considering getting an alternate solution for the breakthrough boards that have been so long out of print. :slight_smile:

There’s a company in the US called Inked Gaming that seems to sell neoprene game mats, and they make custom versions with any image. They have some models for wargaming but nothing that seems to fit the Memoir '44 format. I haven’t tried it myself, but there must be some way to have them print an image of the game board (or a generic version). Hopefully the scale is right.

I have not tried them myself, I have only heard of them through the game mats they produce for other games, but they seem to make quality game mats. I can foresee some bonuses of playing with a neoprene board, namely not needing any sort of plexiglas to hold down the terrain hexes and also being bump resistant. I’ve had my board bumped several times in the middle of a game and sometimes it throws units around (mainly infantry).

If you’d like some help getting those files to upload on the Inked Gaming website let me know, it would be awesome if we made this work for other people as well :slight_smile:

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