Nations Card Catalog

This topic contains all information about Memoir '44 Nations Cards. Click on a link to navigate within the same page to the card requested. I will update the post with more high resolution card scans as I gain access to new expansions. Here they are:

  1. French Resistance
  2. Red Army (RKKA)
  3. Imperial Japanese Army
  4. US Marine Corps
  5. British Commonwealth Forces (BCF)
  6. Italian Royal Army
  7. French Army

French Resistance:

Red Army (RKKA):

Imperial Japanese Army:

US Marine Corps:

British Commonwealth Forces (BCF):

Italian Royal Army:

French Army:


War of '40 The Greco-Italian War Campaign by Sam Wilderspin

‘Hellenic valour’?!
Nations cards are the most ridiculous of all the extra stuff added to MM44.
Why is any one nation braver or not than any other?
There have been some good additions to the game, but this is laughable.

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Now I’m very much enjoying the dynamic of the marines vs the Imperial Japanese Army.

i know someone from Greece, a bit of a patriot, and I’ll have to see if he identifies with these attributes. I identify with a good gyro.

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