My unboxing of Memoir '44: New Flight Plan

Today I picked up a copy of the New Flight Plan expansion for 39,5€, which is not bad considering it’s retailing for 55 to 60€ in most places, and I’d like to share some photos of how the contents look. My apologies for the poor lighting conditions.

Here is the box, which you might already know if you are presently hunting down this expansion pack:

This is how the contents are laid out inside the box:

Overall I have to say it feels much lighter than any other Memoir '44 expansion, surely due to the small number of miniatures and lack of terrain hexes included in this one. But before looking too deep into its value, lets look further at what’s inside.

Aside from the view from the previous picture, there is also the rulebook, scenario book and tokens that you’ll need to punch out:

I tried to take a picture of all the cards, make sure to zoom in if you want to see the card effects before you purchase:

I sleeved all of these cards using FFG Standard European card sleeves (59 x 92 mm).

Then I tried taking a closer look at the models with my phone camera, and while some pictures may have turned out foggy, they might give you a good impression on the value you’re getting for this expansion:

The rest of them didn’t look that great, but hopefully this gives you a good idea of the detail on each plane model. New Flight Plan also features 21 scenarios spanning multiple war theatres, and these are the rules you’ll be using to play with it (aside from theatre specific rules):

That’s it! Let me know if you’d like me to cover another expansion!

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Days of Wonder created a free download of an additional 10 bonus scenarios and so the overall value of this expansion has improved.

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Thank you for adding the bonus scenarios @mzungu :slight_smile: