Miniatures used by Multiple Nations

I received the Khalkhin-Gol battle maps recently and immediately painted the Soviet BA-10 armored cars in Soviet colors and the Type 97 Tankettes in Japanese colors.

Now as I’m playing the campaign I realize the BA-10s are used for both nations.

Having just received the Equipment Pack, does anyone know any other miniatures that will be shared by other nations?

I would appreciate any help, thank you!


Mobile Artillery, Long Tom, Supply Trucks, Patrol Cars, Snipers, Cavalry, Half-Tracks, Tank Destroyers, Mortars, Machine Guns, Anti-Tank Guns.

I have even played a scenario where the Tiger tank rules were used for one of the Allied armor units. So yes, Tiger Tank.

Because of this multi-use for these units, I have many of these painted in multiple paint schemes in my collection.


You could also scout out some 3D modelers that create plastic miniatures and sell on etsy or eBay.

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I like that I have the option, and may end up doing it if it makes things easier, but hopefully I will be able to come up with a solution as I play more scenarios and get a feel for how many of each special unit miniature should be allocated to each nation.

For now I plan to repaint some “Soviet BA-10s” to work for the Japanese at Khalkhin-Gol and keep the Equipment Pack that lovely grey tone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll update if I can come up with something helpful for players/painters!


As I am in the process of painting my collection, I thought about painting each nation a solid primary colour and doing the ones used by multiple nations in black (for the SWA‘s) and camouflage (for the vehicles).

Camouflage as a wild, so to say.