Memoir '44 VASSAL New Module 10.15 "Stuka Joe solo" – play all of Memoir '44 online

Another update to the Memoir '44 VASSAL module is here! v10.15 adds a window to play the Stuka Joe solo method and many other improvements.

The Memoir '44 VASSAL module contains all game components from the base game and all expansions and battle maps, plus many custom components and campaigns. You can configure any official or fan made scenario, or use one of the 1,170 pre-set scenarios included.

Find it here: [Module:Memoir '44 - Vassal]

Requires VASSAL 3.4.13 or newer. Works great with VASSAL 3.6.7.

What’s new?

  • 1,170 included scenario setups
  • Fixed all Supported Armor and Supported Infantry units
  • Added a window and die to play solo using the Stuka Joe method
    • Click on the white circles to automatically draw cards
    • Use the Solo die button in the toolbar to roll a Fate Die result
  • Added buttons in the Axis and Allies hand windows to automatically draw a card
  • Added a right-click “Play Card” command to cards
  • Added several measures to prevent a certain potential way to cheat when drawing cards
  • Renamed the chart tabs
  • Fixed the “Bomb” option on NFP air units which was missing due to a hotkey conflict
  • Fixed the “Bomb” option on NFP air units so you can’t bomb when it’s not legal
  • Fixed faulty NFP card draw values
  • Fixed the card backs on BTL decks that should be (1) but showed (2)
  • Fixed combat markers not being removed from NFP air units on End Turn
  • Fixed the “No Movement” marker not being removed from units on End Turn
  • Fixed compendium card Troops 18 - Half-Tracks not being added to the Help for scenarios with such units
  • Fixed Hobart’s Funnies Deploy Bridge
  • Fixed faulty victory medals in certain scenarios
  • Fixed a problem with the replace card rules tokens not replacing cards correctly
  • Compendium card Actions 24 - Re-Supply is now also added to the Help for scenarios that contain Troops 18
  • Compendium cards can now be Cloned
  • Allied Italian units renamed from “Axis Italian” to “Allied Italian”
  • Air Power Dice rules tokens are not deleted when you select no Air Pack and no NFP
  • Redid the custom Java code of the Scenario window so it won’t crash when selected in the VASSAL editor
  • Added unofficial combat card decks for Countryside and Beach landing, by darthnice
  • The night chart restricts changes to invalid values
  • The No Barrage and Air Power Dice rules tokens can now be right-clicked to discard the applicable card from the draw deck making it easier to remove it from the game
  • Added SWAs Assault Gun (Dutch Open)
  • Added a custom fuel die roller button (Dutch Open)
  • Removed the “desserts” from Actions 9
  • Added a custom Hill with Jungle terrain tile
  • Added new Lake terrain tile
  • Added scenarios for Dutch Open 2019, 2020, 2021
  • Added all Remembrance scenarios published to date

This video is 8 years old now and the module has changed a bit since then, but the basics are still valid:

Memoir '44 VASSAL - Beginners

If you watch it and have feedback then let me know. I might want to make an updated video and then I could incorporate improvements.