Memoir 44 RTS Game Variant

So I put together a variant for Memoir 44 (non-exhaustive) and I was hoping some people here would like to give a crack at helping me refine the mechanics. There are some expansions and factions missing obviously from this initial content creation but with a little help I think we could turn this bad boy into a steady project. It’s a lot of fun to play and definitely give a new feel to the battlefield for memoir 44 using all the units and game mechanics we know and love. I’ll be interested to see what we come up with! I linked a dropbox with with info attached. Still need to detail the expansion content, refine the escalation of the game in motion, and maybe even give the battlefield a little more life/content play.


Hey welcome to the forum! I’m short on time but hopefully you will find some people who can provide feedback.

Good luck!

Wow, this seems like a new game altogether, but I think it’s a cool and original concept! I might try it sometime :slight_smile: