Memoir '44 Fans 2020 Survey

Nice survey!

I would add multiple choice for the questions “where do you play at?” and “who do you play with?”

I had a hard time choosing only one


Share this data with Days of Wonder in case it motivates them to reprint some of the expansions.


Thanks for the input! I’ve added that possibility, and those questions have reseted their votes unfortunately. Let’s hope enough people vote for it not to be an issue :slight_smile:

Not sure how I’ll get them to look at this but this way anyone can share it with them, just link to this topic! :smiley:

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Amongst what I most appreciate about Memoir 44 is the asymmetry of scenarios, and the corresponding challenge of having to use non-optimal resources and starting set-up as best as one can. This asymmetry opens up so much possibility for scenarios, and also makes them all the more compelling. I further enjoy that playing the scenario then switching sides balances it out as a complete match. This is what really made me love Memoir 44. I enjoy the history of the game, but I am usually more included for Fantasy and Sci-fi war games and miniatures games. The quality and uniqueness of scenarios that really brought me in to Memoir 44, and consequently Command and Colors: Ancients, Napoleonics, and Medieval.



I think it is kind of important just because I usually try to play with friends, but I have been playing a bit online too. I’d like them to update the online version of the game and that they would sell it proper and not just gold ingots to play.

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Expertly stated and what an amazing first contribution! Welcome to the Forum!!

I played with some family members and my father unfortunately developed the idea that the game revolves too much around chance rather than tactics, due to the dice rolls and card play. While true, I perfectly see what you are saying, that it’s all about maximizing your chances with the non-optimal start that you get (cards and units alike). I feel the same way.

This asymmetry takes on another dimension for me when I compare my results to the online play-through statistics. Just recently we had a great discussion about the Hellfire Pass scenario where for me it was always a blood bath for the British. As it turned out, it seems most people won with the British! I’m really looking forward to replay it just to try out the tactics that are mentioned in the link so I can see the difference for myself!

Just as a final thought, I’ve found that the asymmetry can be disrupted (or amplified) through the use of the Combat Cards. I think it adds so much flavor to the game that I tend to use them when I get the chance :slight_smile:

Only 6 votes got lost, which is not too bad taking into consideration that only those questions got reseted. To be honest I’m getting a bigger amount of feedback that I’d ever imagined possible so I’m still pretty happy!

I have personally not tried the online version so I don’t really understand the jargon (don’t know what those gold ingots mean).
I’ve heard that there are bugs that won’t be fixed because they are not developing it anymore. I hope they open-source it some day, since developers could take over and fix those issues.

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I first encountered M’44 in an actual bricks&mortar game shop!


Maybe a poll asking who has the rare stuff? For example: White Campaign Bag, M44 Recon Badge, 2007 Tournament Postcard, Breakthrough at Gembloux envelope, etc.

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Welcome Jeff! I was wondering how to add that! Polls seem to have a limit of 20 options, but your idea of having a separate question for the rare items is really great! :smiley:

Being a Memoir '44 connoisseur, would you like to help me sort out what would be classified under ‘etc’? :wink:

“Where do you play Memoir 44?”
Does vassal PBEM count as Online?
“What’s your favorite play format?”
I don’t have a favorite!
Question missing: Do you use other miniatures for special units? or for overlords?


I have almost everything because I have been collecting since 2007. Thankfully, I have also been to tournaments in the US and in Europe and have friends internationally who give me stuff regularly. So I am a very fortunate soul. I think it might behoove me to post images of some of the more unusual items I have so folks can see what is out there. It is definitely an idea for a post topic.


Q2 : discovered while visiting a museum in Normandy.

Q5 : often playing solo (I play both sides)


The Vassal Mod is outstanding and I use that most often when I play


Which accessories do you use?
dice tower
card holders
plexiglas (to lock down terrain)
Plastic Markers for Overlord: green=move, red=fire, yellow=targets

What unmentioned ideas do you use? fill in blank

Hi Gordon! Welcome to the Forum! :grin:
I’ve awarded you the Pandemic Championship Participant badge, it was nice playing with you :slight_smile:

Can you show us a picture of the plastic markers you use? Those sound cool.

Sam Edelston brings those markers to WBC for the many Overlords he runs.
Hard to zoom in, but here’s from after WBC moved to a ski resort near Pittsburg in 2017:


I use:

  • Dice Tower
  • Plexiglas cover
  • Painted miniatures from outside sources
  • Plastic movement / battle markers
  • Trays to sort losses, removed tokens, etc.

Cool servery! :ok_hand:

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I just scored a breakthrough to gembloux in envelope

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Since we’re in 2021 already, I’ll be closing this annual survey. Look out for the 2021 edition around June!

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